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About Us — Our Team

2016 Board of Trustees

Nicole Leisgang, Psy. D, President

Barbara Hilb, Secretary

Danielle Ivory, Treasurer

Mary Kay Calonge

Shannon Crutchfield

Julie Johnson

Lakshmi Sammarco, M.D.

Past Presidents Board

Marian H. Brown

Joseph Cooper

Diana Bowman D’Amico

Peter J. Dowd

Mike Felton

Jon Fishpaw

Terry Goins

Linda E. Hill

Tracy Homan

David R. Kent

Robert L. Liebman

Annique Link

Kelly Mahan

Erica Pontius

James E. Taylor

Jonathan E. Thornberry

Gregory M. Utter

Paul Zimmerman

Current Staff

Eve S. Pearl, Executive Director

Barbara M. Teague, Program Assistant

Elizabeth Biederman, Prevention Educator

Kim Conway, Prevention Educator

Cathy Dern, Prevention Educator

Dianne Hill, Prevention Educator

Ann Miller, Prevention Educator

Jaclyn Ross, Prevention Educator

Chris Schwerdtmann, Prevention Educator

Felice Young, Prevention Educator


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